Changin' ain't easy

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.
- Socrates

Change is tough. 

I am in a season of change, and I have to admit, it ain't easy. I have grown to accept the fact that change is hard for me. It is something that I try to avoid. And as I sit here, and really challenge myself to admit why I am so resistant towards change, I realize that the answer is pretty simple.

Fear of the unknown.

I am a very detailed person. Once I have a routine, and a flow, I embrace and love it. Knowing what to expect, in every area of my life (with the occasional hiccup) gives me a sense peace. 

The last few months have been filled with the unknown, which is quite uncomfortable. 

Change: to make or become different

In a few months I will be celebrating my first year of marriage. This is an obvious change in my life. Every day I am learning something new. The beautiful encounters my husband and I face are uncontrolled. I am changing into a better wife. I have learned that marriage is all about change. It is no longer about you and your wants and needs, but all about your spouse and their wants and needs. I am (with the help of God) becoming selfless.

Now that is change.

Not only will I be celebrating a year of marriage, but I am also going back to school. For those of you who don't know, working and keeping up a home are two jobs already. The  thought of adding something else to my plate makes me feel uneasy. 

Will I have enough time to spend with my husband? Will work, homework, and my home keep me so busy that I won't have time to enjoy life? Can you hear the panic as you read?

And last but not least..

I have decided to embrace my calling. That is  a BIG change. I have spent 13 years running from what was spoken over my life. As mentioned in my previous blog (Relax Your Mind and Let Your Conscious Be Free) my conscious has kept me comfortable, and too aware of what others think of me. Fully accepting all that God has for me has to be the biggest, and scariest change. 

Although I know God would never give me more than I can handle, the fear of walking out onto the water had me in a place where I was unwilling to leave (change) my comfortable walk in life, and truly let go. I am now willing to change that part of me that wants to hold on, and have control. 

When I came across this quote, my outlook on change shifted. 

I have realized that for my whole life I was fearful of change because I was looking at it all wrong. I was focusing all of my energy, and all of my attention on fighting the urge to remain in my comfort zone, not taking any risks. All along I should have been focusing all of my attention on building the new. 

Change is a beautiful thing.

No matter what comes my way (yours too) lets agree to dare to be adventurous. To not let the unknown cripple us, and to embrace change like it's the latest fashion trend.

We are called to go from faith to faith, and from glory to glory. I want to encourage you, as I encourage myself to embrace change. To focus on all the good that can come from it, and trust that the end result to every change, is a beautiful encounter. 

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  1. This is beautiful Jo! This sounds exactly like how I feel! I admit that change is scary and most times I fight it. I really appreciate this insight, your words are really inspiring. I'm definitely going to look at my situation through a different lens. Thank you love, I appreciate it.☺


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