Self Awareness Month: Brit V.

Brit is a 20-something year old from Queens, now residing in the BX. She is an amazing mother to a beautiful baby girl, and one of the best Kindergarten teachers around. Brit has overcome many obstacles with her head held high, and finds strength in setting a positive example for her daughter. 

Q. What does Self Awareness mean to you personally?

A. "Personally self awareness to me can be defined as a clear view of my wants and needs. Being fully self aware would include knowing my weaknesses, my strengths, and being able to fully know my beliefs and emotions. Being self aware also gives me a better understanding of how the world views me, and how I view the world. Working on my self awareness allows me to look at the wold in a holistic view." 

Q. What are your greatest strengths? 

A. "My greatest strengths would have to be my will and my determination. I make my mind up about something, and I kill myself to achieve those goals, big or small. I am also very passionate and I love with all of me."

Q. Name one old habit you are trying to get rid of.

A. "One habit I am definitely trying to get rid of is self doubt. I'm always second guessing myself. " 

Q. What steps are you taking?

A. "I want to be more positive, maybe even a little more cocky. I need to bring my confidence forward. I also remind myself of everything I've already overcome, and accomplished! Telling myself 'You've got this, you've been through worst' helps me the most."

Q. What is your best attribute that you have to offer others?

A, "The best attribute I have to give others is my heart. I think about others, and how to treat them. I often put others before myself because I find pleasure in others happiness!"

Q. Where do you find strength? 

A. "I find my strength from deep within. I try to treat others how I want to be treated, cliche but it is the truth. I also find strength when I look at my daughter. I do not think that I would have accomplished so much if I didn't have her presence pushing me to be great. She is my overall greatest accomplishment."

Q. What life lesson would you like to pass on to the next generation?

A. If I could find a message for the next generation to follow, I would tell them to enter the world being colorblind, and I would want them all to practice being mindful of others. I would want them to understand that yes, people are different, and no one person is the same shade, but that should never stop you from wanting to achieve greatness. It should not be a clutch. You are great no matter what history, or society places on you. You are judged by your character, not by color. Practicing mindfulness is also a great tool, and it has changed me this last year. It helps a person be more self aware. Mindfulness has decreases my stress and anxiety levels and overall has improved my quality of life.

I would like to thank Brit for her time. I hope you guys enjoyed encountering this Beautiful Soul with me.



  1. Amazing and truthful and a good friend and person.

    1. Yes, she is so amazing! I am glad that you enjoyed the read. Thanks for commenting!


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